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Mini Power Units GH2A-MB Mini Power Unit
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[ GH2A-MB Mini Power Unit l ]

GH2A-MB Mini Power Unit

Gasoline powered 2.5 H.P., 4 cycle Honda engine.
Uses lead free gasoline.
Includes spark arresting muffler..
Two tools can be connected simultaneously.
Alternate tool operation
Easy to fill with large fill port on reservoir.
Easy access drain port to drain hydraulic fluid from pump.
Non-toxic mineral based hydraulic fluid.
High pressure, two-stage pumping system.
Roll cage for protection.

Weight: 55.0 lbs. (25 kg)

Length: 18.0 in. (457 mm)

Width: 15.0 in. (381 mm)

Height: 15.5 in. (394 mm)

Maximum operating pressure: 10,500 psi. (724 bar)

Capacity of oil reservoir: 0.68 gals. U.S. (2.57 liters)