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Overall width - 155 Cm. (61)
Overall length - 350 Cm. (138)
Overall height - 170 Cm. (67)
Weight approx - 1540 KG (3400 LB)

Working height approx............... 5.0 Meters (16.5 Feet)
Platform height............................3.5 Meters (11.5 Feet)
Platform front to center tower fully extended 240 Cm. (8 Feet)
Left to right 480 Cm. (16 Feet)
Two hinged towers mounted on Pivot heads 360 continuous rotation.

Two independent electro/Hyd. pumps 12V D.C. provide a three speed combination with back-up manually controlled hyd. hand pump through hyd. control valve.

Rounded shape - standing screen for visibility under platform for safety.
Padded hinged up guide rail for comfort and safety.
10 [cm] high kick and anti skid guard.

Propelling speed from creeping to about 10 M.P.H.
Gas or diesel engine, electric start and back up manual recoil start.
Fuel tank capacity: 12 Liter (3 Gal.)
Centrifugal belt drive with automatic torque control.
Three position reduction gear box. Two output shaft through differential.
Final planetary reduction gear on each front wheel drive.
Free wheeling for towing.

Power steering - hydraulically powered with mechanical linkage.

Two disc brakes hydraulically powered.
Brakes are mounted before planetary gears for high braking torque.

Four tires filled with rubber foam.

Tubular heavy wall main frame with pivot axis between front and rear wheels with torque arm rubber supported for flexibility and stability.
Heavily constructed throughout for long life and stability.
Pivot points are Bronze bushed large wearing areas.
All frame parts are sand blasted zinc base with enamel top coating.
Bolts min. grade 5 zinc plated.
Hinged large engine compartment hood for easy access for servicing.

Two electro-hydraulic pumps, independently operated, with built in safety relief valve.
Hydraulic hand pump as back up.
Two hydraulic cylinders, heavy duty constructed, with safety descending adjustable valve mounted on cylinder pressure side.
Two piston type hydraulic motor, high starting torque for 360 continuous rotation.
Hydraulic swivel on platform tower, four lines including one battery cable for 360 continuous rotation.
Hydraulic control valve with metering control for precise maneuvering, manually controlled.
All hydraulic lines and fittings are of high pressure type.
Eight liters oil tank capacity - oil type auto fluid type A., oil filters suction type within oil tank.

12 V.D.C.
Batteries: Two 95 Amp. deep discharge.
45 Amp. alternator belt driven for quick charging once engine is started.
Two head lights.
Two back-up lights.
Parking lights.
Brake lights.
Two flood lights adjustable on platform.
Horns: Two horns, one at base and one at platform control, for calling attention.
Fuse: Fuse box on base and platform on each circuit.
Battery charging socket at base panel for external charging.

Please note:
As our policy is of constant improvement we reserve the right to change specification and design without prior notice