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[ Hoses ]

Allows flexibility for unique rescue operations.
Available in standard or custom lengths.
Color coded, available in red, blue, black or yellow.

[ Mounting Kits ]
Mounting Kits

Inexpensive way to mount your tools.

Stores tools safely & keeps them easily accessible.
Specifically designed for AMKUS tools.
Molded foot plate.
Adjustable top bracket.
Nonabrasive mount.
Quick release strap.

[ Hose Reels ]
Hose Reels

Convenient storage for long hose lengths.

Available in standard or custom lengths.
Color coded.
Available with manual (as shown) or electric rewind.

[ Chain Packages ]

Chain Packages

Available for all spreaders and combination tools.

In standard or quick adjust styles.

[ Remote Valve ]
Remote Valve

Placement on pump hose gives remote tool selection capability.

[ Ram Accessory Kit ]

Ram Accessory Kit

10 in. (254 mm) extension increases ram capabilities.
Claw and conical point attachments increase ram versatility.

[ Hydraulic Fluid ]

Hydraulic Fluid

Quality anti-wear mineral based hydraulic fluid provides increased safety for the operator and long term pump life.