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  CEO Message

This world is being changed quickly by the wave of industrialization.
So machinery becomes inseparable relationship to us in this world where we live.
We come to prefer automatic machines so that we can use them easier.
All of machines began to need some mediator for their automatization.
Hydraulics is positively necessary to the automatization of all machines.

Our machinery has developed rapid progress thanks to various applications of Hydraulics.
As the result of it numerous kind of parts were taken to market.
Day by day Hydraulics equipment is being newly developed.
We have gathered the best among them.
Hwa Sung Hyd.&Pneu.Eng. based on the know-how over many years will provide you with
the goods of top rate selected carefully.
Thank you.


Hwa Sung Hyd.&Pneu.Eng.
Kwon yeo-hun/CEO